Most of the following can be found easily, e.g, at or
by Google-search:



* Dr. Mary's Monkey, by Ed Haslam, describes monkey virus research
   in New Orleans, involving figures also involved in JFK assassination, ISBN978-0-9777953-0-6


* Queer Blood, the Secret AIDS Genocide Plot, Alan Cantwell

   Alan's name is almost synonymous with "AIDS conspiracy", which you

 can quickly see in Google search. 

* "Me & Lee", Judyth Vary Baker.  Judyth was a young science protége
   with an interest in cancer.  She later became involved with the biological
   warfare research, masked as "cancer research" as discussed in Ed Haslam's
   above book.  She also had a documented connection with Lee Oswald,
   with whom she had once been a coworker, and became romantically involved.


* "Mary's Mosaic", by Peter Janney.   This book is not about biological
   warfare, but is context concerning the JFK assassination, including
   CIA corruption and complicity of mainstream media.  Janney's father was
   a career CIA official, and their next-door neighbor was an even higher
  ranking CIA official.


* "The River" by Edward Hooper.  Hooper was a well-respected BBC correspondent
   and has a flair for rigorous detail, as evidenced by the size of this massive tome

  which documents the likely connection of the African AIDS epidemic to vaccine
  programs. Hooper promotes a theory of "accident" rather than "genocide", which
  the reader can consider for themselves, but the alleged vaccine connection is
 relevant particularly in consideration of similar vaccine connections in the United
 States and Cuba (which Hooper does not discuss).


* "Emerging Viruses: AIDS And Ebola : Nature, Accident or Intentional?", by Leonard Horowiz.

  This was one of the early books discussing the shadiness surrounding the origin of AIDS.

  Horowitz is a bright man with a Harvard degree, but critics charge that his credentials

   are weak (being in the dental profession) and that the book speculates  in too much
   unnecessary detail concerning exactly how the AIDS virus might have been created
  (a "splicing" theory that has not borne out over time).  Critics also charge that his later
  books such as "Bible Codes" are not particularly lending to credibility.  In spite those
  criticisms, his book nonethess does still contain some useful background and insights,
  and deserves credit for being one of the first to bring the subject at all to public attention.


* "Confessions of an Economic Hitman", by John Perkins

    This book is about economics, not biological warfare, but again is "context" for

    understanding of the full picture of political reality: how deception is used with
    intent for blatant exploitation, how intelligence world "jackals" step in when the
   economic gamesmanship fails, how the media is too beholden to the same corporate

   interests to really expose the picture for what it is, leading even to cold-blooded
   murders going unreported as such.