Don't early AIDS cases disprove all the man-made theories?

That is a popular notion, but is a non sequitur.

This web-site's contention that AIDS was used as a biological weapon under the guise of a "vaccine study" needs to make no assumption about when
or how the virus itself came into existence.  The allegation of "genocide" depends only on the question of whether the virus was added
to vaccines and administered to gay men with the deliberate intent to spark an epidemic.

A 'man-made epidemic' as opposed to a 'man-made virus' are two entirely separate questions.  Although there is ample
evidence pointing also toward laboratory manipulation of viruses, that is not a necessary precondition.

In fact, if a virus pre-existed, that would make genocide easier because it would eliminate the need even to manipulate viruses in the laboratory
(although such manipulations were in fact performed extensively).  It would only be necessary to discover a virus that existed in, say, a remote
African village, to realize its potential as a weapon, and put it to use.  One of the first things that a government interested in biological weapons
would do is the scour the earth and catalog every viral rarity.  You will find on this website an account of how a monkey virus causing contagious
cancer was in fact discovered in Africa and was investigated for the its potential to infect humans.